Faith + Hope = Cope

Heart Like Harlie

glass hearts | heart like harlieI'm a mom of 4 wonderful kids.  I always thought nothing would ever happen to my children, but now I know I'm one of them - a grieving parent with a broken heart.

I tragically lost a child in a boating accident.  Boating is a sport my family enjoyed most of our lives, and all of my children's lives.  But it can happen to anyone, no matter how careful you are. 

I started Heart Like Harlie to promote boaters safety and awareness, and to remind people that in a second, an accident can take your child's life. The pain is unimaginable,  but telling others my story and advocating boaters safety helps. Knowing that my message and efforts could safe a person's life, a child's life, anyone's life, helps. ! “Before switching gear, check for clear” .... Never let your guard down no matter what you are doing with your children.

In the last few years, I seem to find hearts everywhere in nature, and I photograph them.   To me, they are hearts of hope and they bring a smile to everyone's face!  These photos on items in my store have a special meaning to me - I hope you will find something you like :)